Mechanical Watch Box

Every morning the first thing I do is pick up my phone and look what time it is. It’s so early and that hurts my eyes.

I now decided to go analog and get myself a watch. One that can either sit next to me or on rest on my wrist.

It’s been a few days now but I wear a watch daily. A nice watch, it’s got a good feeling to it. It’s like a sense of accomplishment for me: is it maybe a new phase of my life?

Not the first time…

I remembered, when I was a kid I used to love watches, I had a collection of Swatch watches. Unheard of, for people my age.
They were rather simple yet:

  • Trendy: colorful and playful designs.
  • Quiet: no ticking allowed, it would bother me too much while sleeping - not everyone feels like me about the ticking though.
  • Durable: water resistant and scratch proof made of sturdy plastic
  • Fun: collecting

The Mechanical Watchbox

I had a coffee with a friend and we discussed amongst other things home automation.. and its simplest form, automated boxes for containing our every day’s items.
My friend is really passionate about watches and as the conversion went on we realized it would be really cool to create a box to contain watches that has an arduino that controls each watch bay.
He suggested to scrap the arduino and go mechanical.

After a little thinking here’s what we came up with:

Mechanical Watchbox