Current Projects

stripe apps: insights for salesforce (visit project)

An open-source Salesforce integration that shows your SDFC customers insights inside the Stripe Dashboard

nodemailer-mailgun-transport (visit project)

Nodemailer is an amazing node module that lets you send emails within any of your nodejs apps. This is the transport plugin for nodemailer, to send emails using Mailgun’s unofficial node.js library

greetingslack (visit project)

A small bot that automatically greets new members to your slack network.

spacegame (visit project)

A physics-first space game (shoot asteroids, pick powerups) written in godot game engine (which is similar to python) and can be built to be run on any major platform (Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android..)

hivisio (visit project)

A platform to generate images programmatically. Use these images on your e-commerce site, chatbot, email. Customize your images with an Rest API call. Serverless running on Firebase.