Moving over

A fresh start…

I have been blogging on medium for over 4 years - I have written almost a 100 items, between long and short form text. At first, I thought Medium was going to eat up the blogging industry but as time went by, it only became a reincarnated version of Tumblr - the amount of unecessary information readers are subject to when browsing the network made it become more of a digg/reddit style article roulette. Anything goes and anything gets posted.

Changing things up

I loved that Medium did not allow anyone to customize their articles/blogposts - everything uses the same color scheme and layout until collections came out.
Collections allow you to set headers, banners and a whole bunch of primary colors. Collections become like small clubs for people. Famous collections like hackernoon are great but that neon-green color has killed my eyes way too many times when clicking through an article in a dark room.

To me that takes away from the minimalistic principle that I had bought in, when Medium had started out. No frills, just text.

But as things changed, and everyone on Medium fights to submit their stories to this or this other collection, I decided to stop feeding the beast, or at least make it starve for a while. I will be sharing my thoughts on here and only crosspost some of my blogs/articles on Medium - the ones that I deem would do good in that tumbleresque world!

Building up a castle

Another reason for building this blog and moving over from Medium, is that I want to start building my own castle. I chose to use Hexo as my blogging engine and Github pages to host the generated content. I’m using a slightly edited version of the cactus-white theme.
As things go by, I will be probably changing and customizing the theme and maybe ask nicely to the creative beast within me to scratch the itch and build my own theme. Only time can tell!
I’m not a huge jekyll fan, some people swear by it. I’m glad I found Hexo!
The journey begins today!