New horizons 2024

I stopped believing in sharing new “drops of knowledge” on this blog because of the advent of AI.
Now I rather focus on things that happened in my life, so less than an actionable post and more of a recap
Two things I decided to do this year:

  1. Meeting and collaborating with other founders
  2. Help others more

Meeting & Collaborating

I decided to be the moderator of the (IH) peer group of Austin, TX.
If you haven’t heard of a peer group here’s a description:
IH peer groups are local, monthly chapters of 6-10 indie developers who serve as an advisory board for each other’s businesses. Members meet in-person to confidentially discuss challenges and solutions, drawing from personal experiences rather than giving theoretical advice. There’s no ego, and nothing that is said in the room can be leaked, based on the honor system.

I hope to meet other people that are like-minded and hopefully share my tidbits of information based from my personal experience in such environment.

Helping others

Well it goes without saying that sometimes you have to help others, given my experience in tech and payments, I decided to help a non-profit called INZEKU to change the lives of kids in 3rd world country. My first time doing such work, my objective is to improve the quality of how people donate money to this registered non-profit. Starting with the user experience all the way down to the way money is donated.


I have also decided to travel more this year. I set a large budget aside so that I can track if I can spend it all and explore the world some more, that includes places I have never visited but also places that I really love.

Finally I am still on my mission to meet 5000 people on twitter/x - so follow along that journey over here