Are robots tidy?

In life we spend hours making sure our house, apartment, room, desk and ourseleves look tidy.
That affects me on all levels. In fact when I am not actively doing something, I am spending time tidying up after myself. Probably an hour every day doing some kind of cleaning up left and right. Adding the numbers up that is ±30,000 hours in a life time. That’s a huge waste of time. ⚡️

There’s so much stuff around me, and I consider myself someone that doesn’t really have much stuff.
When I moved across the ocean, I only had 2 bags worth of stuff with me.

We only need some stuff at once

When I go to work I need a couple of things: My backpack, my glasses, my charger, my wallet, shoes, socks, hoodie, t-shirts.. after a day at the office as I come home I find myself having all these items floating around me. I don’t need these anymore for another 12 hours.

Instead, when I get home I wanna get into comfortable clothes. They’re my stay at home clothes, usually a pair of joggers, loose socks and a long sleeve tshirt.

That’s another set right there. First I had my work set, then my home set. If I go spin on my bike, that’s my 3rd set: different outfits which I only use based on activities that I am going to do.

Basically all this stuff rotates in and out of my life. I wish I could improve but how? I tried to just be more mindful but it feels unnatural to me. Most times than not, all this stuff I don’t use ends up lying around the room, or in a pile in the closet, away from the eyes of anyone but my subconscious.


What if there was a way to do it better. What if I could just pile it up and it could disappear from my view, while automatically be stored away safely somewhere that at the same time would allow me to retrieve it quickly?

Have you seen the video where Amazon shows how they invested in robotics to automate the storing and retrieval of items they need to ship to customers. Check it out here

The moment I am mostly interested by is at 01:36: Those robotic arms are so precise and impressive. Thei rotate perfectly to deliver their payload onto the next platform. That’s really neat.

What is stopping us from having similar systems in our households?
Can I use this technology on a smaller scale to help me become more tidy?

The answer is yes, and I can’t wait to research a viable way to implement this first-hand!